LSAMP Class of 2023


Justin Aguado

Justin Aguado is studying Mechanical Engineering with hopes of designing technology that can benefit society. He is not exactly sure in what area, but has a wide variety of interests in energy, medicine, aerospace, or cosmetics. His passion for creation stemmed from a young age as he drew up designs on paper to build out of Legos. The process of going from an idea to something tangible was very rewarding for him and taught him that creating is something he would want to do.

Thaquib Ahammed

Thaquib Ahammed is a Computer Science Major in the class of 2023. He plans on double majoring in Cognitive Science mainly to learn more about the topic of artificial intelligence. After completing his undergraduate studies, Thaquib plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Abdor Rahman Ahmed

Abdor Rahman Ahmed is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Bioinformatics and minoring in Computer Science. He hopes to continue his education by obtaining a Master's of Business and Science after completion of his B.A.. He hopes to become more involved on the business side of the bioinformatics.

Alugbemisola Akinsiku

Olugbemisola (Bemi) Akinsiku transferred to Rutgers-New Brunswick from Rutgers-Newark. She is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biology.Her research interests include biology/development biology, sociology and genetics. Upon completion of her B.A., she hopes to pursue a master's in Biology.

Francisco Almachi-Vera

Francisco Almachi-Vera is currently a junior majoring in mechanical engineering with an aero concentration residing from Ridgefield Park, NJ. He is currently a member within The Society of Hispanic Engineers and a Weather Balloon Lead within The Space Technology Association at Rutgers. He has participated within the MBS Externship Exchange program revolving around Data Analysis in Human Trafficking. He looks to pursue topics revolving around space. Moving forward, obtaining his bachelor’s, he will look to explore his options within attending grad school or working within the space industry.

Abanoub Armanious

Abanoub Armanious is a part of the Honors Program within the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and double majors in Public Health and Cell Biology Neuroscience with a minor in Religion. He is a first-generation student and American, who spends his free time managing Save the Children of Developing World, a nonprofit organization he created to improve the wellbeing of the youth living in developing countries. When he is not studying or working, he loves to listen to music while conducting research into his favorite area-why humans are different from other animals. He firmly believes that the neuroscientific and philosophical developments made in this research, which he plans to continue through the LSAMP Program and his professional career, as for the human race's benefit. Abanoub knows that no matter where life takes him, he will be happy if he is spending time helping other.

Nathaniel Asefa

Nathaniel Asefa is in the School of Engineering majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Always learning, always improving, Nathaniel has dedicated his time to the development of iOS and android applications. He is also studying the mathematics behind Machine Learning to develop a well-wounded knowledge of the high-level API needed to use programming libraries such as Tensorflow. Nathaniel's main goal is to become a Tissue Engineer. He hopes to be the person who creates the first live tissue artificial heart used for transplant surgery. Upon completion of his B.A. at Rutgers, Nathaniel will pursue a PhD.

Eros Barahona

Eros Barahona is a junior majoring in molecular Biology and Biochemistry. He is deeply interested in the molecular structures and bounding of the human body. After graduation he plans to apply to graduate school and possibly get his degree in genetics. His academic ambitions do no end there, as he plans to get his Ph.D. and be part of many research programs. Hobbies include reading, writing and practicing jiujitsu.

Jeury Betances

Jeury Betances is a first generation college student- he is the first one in his family to attend university. He is from North Brunswick, New Jersey and started his college career at Middlesex County College before transferring to Rutgers' School of Environmental and Biological Sciences to major in Meteorology with a minor in Geological Sciences. When he is not studying, he is either binging Netflix shows, cooking, going to the gym or walking his dog.

Samuel Boateng

Samuel Boateng is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biology with a minor in Psychology. His research interests include diseases and human behavior. Upon completion of his B.A., he hopes to pursue an MD/PhD in Biology.

Andrea Campos

Andrea Campos is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences studying Animal Science on the Pre-Veterinary and Research track. She grew up in Rockville, MD to a large Latino Family that blended the cultures of Guatemala and Bolivia. Her interests include hiking, skateboarding and overall being in the outdoors with friends and family. She enjoys alternative rock music and attending music concerts and festivals. During the academic year she lives at Helyar House a co-ed School of Environmental and Biological Science dormitory has been able to further my knowledge in agricultural and how to care for livestock. She is also apart of various clubs at Rutgers such as LAWO (Latin American Womxn’s Organization.), Rutgers Pre-Vet club, Society of Animal Science and RuWildlife to name a few. Andrea hopes to be a role model for her younger brothers and cousins and help them along their way as they enter college.

Miguel Castaneda

Miguel Castaneda is currently a Junior at Rutgers Business School. Working towards a finance major. Interested and focused in real estate, stocks, investment banking. Looking to learn every day is what sets him apart from the competitive environment. His passion for finance has led him to claim the role of Scholarships and Awards Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi - Beta Omicron. During his free time, he enjoys weightlifting, running, and spending time with friends and family

Micaela Chin

Micaela Chin is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Biochemistry. In summer 2020 she worked on a research paper about lipids. She aspires to attend dental school and eventually specialize in orthodontics. She wants to help people of all ages achieve their perfect smile.

Alison Christian

Alison Christian is a School of Arts and Sciences Honors student, majoring in Biology. Originally a nursing student, Alison transferred to SAS during her freshman year after realizing that nursing did not align with her academic and career interests int he science field. She hopes to pursue a biology field that would allow more extensive experience in research. Her research interests include neurobiology, cancer, genetics, toxicology, and microbiology. She believes, through LSAMP she will be granted substantial opportunity to have a science and research-intensive experience at Rutgers New-Brunswick.

Ananya Chuduru

Ananya Chuduru is from Pennington, NJ, but was born in Portland, Oregon. She is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biology and minoring Cognitive Science. Ananya's career goals are geared towards an MD/PhD to combine her interests in health and research. Her interest in behavioral, psychological, and environmental community science took flight as the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm. She came to the revelation that not all ethnic/racial groups handled the virus' impacts in the same way, not all ethnic/racial groups were impacted by the virus the same manner, and how racial disparities in healthcare prevailed even though the virus can be contracted by any person regardless of race. She hopes through the LSAMP, she can further investigates these theme with Rutgers faculty.

Alyssa Colina

Alyssa Colina , a student in the class of 2023, is on the pre-med track with a major in Exercise Science. She is interested in spending her undergraduate years doing research, volunteer work and shadowing physicians to reinforce her fascination in a career of medicine. Alyssa conducted research in Aresty-LSAMP Summer practical Research Experience (SPRE), where she conducted research under the leadership of faculty mentor Dr. David Barker, investigating the role of the lateral preoptic area of the brain during cocaine self-administration.

Austin Crawley

Austin J. Crawley is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a strong interest in biology and environmental science. His passion and primary research interest is in biomimicry- the study of biological structures to aid and inspire mechanical design, as well as robotics, evolutionary biology, and developmental biology. He is an Engineering Opportunity Fund (EOF) scholar in the School of Engineering, which provides resources for students to excel in academic and professional career. With the assistance of the LSAMP program, he is excited to have the opportunity to conduct research and connect with fellow students and faculty. After graduating, Austin plans to further his education by pursuing a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Dhruvi Desai

Dhruvi Desai is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Biotechnology and minoring in Public Health. She has in interest in biomedical research and plan on conducting research on different diseases such as ALS. She loves animals and believes in animal rights. She also plays tennis and roller-skates. On her free time, she loves learning how to dance and cook. She is learning how to play the piano. She speaks, read, and write in three different languages.

John Desierto

John Desierto is a junior in the School of Engineering majoring in Packaging Engineering. He is enthusiastic about a more sustainable future and hopes to implement environmentally friendly ideas to the packaging of products. Outside of school he enjoys following NBA basketball, running, hiking, and trying different cultural foods.

Jackson Duan

Jackson Duan is a junior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. During Summer 2021, he interned at Kubanda Cryotherapy, a medical device company that treats tumors and cancers for pets. At Rutgers, he is involved in e-NABLE, Space Technology Association of Rutgers (STAR), and the WRSU Rutgers Radio Station. He also enjoys photography/videography as well as playing volleyball and soccer in his free time. Currently, he is a research assistant position under Dr. Joseph Freeman in the Biomedical Engineering department. After graduation he plans on continuing to graduate school to pursue a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Oyinkansola Fasasi

Oyinkansola Fasasi who goes by Oyin is a junior in the School of Engineering majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She is a part of the Honors College and Douglass Residential College. She plans on going into research, pharmaceuticals, and graduate school. She has had an interest in Tissue Engineering after being exposed to soft science fiction and gaining a passion thereafter for nifty innovations in the medical field. Her interests include singing in the choir at her church, writing, activism and enjoying time around friends and family. She is eager to start a new chapter with LSAMP!

Edgar Fernandez

Edgar Fernandez​ is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Computer Science. His research interests are in Artificial intelligence and Quantum Computing. He is a member of Rutger's chapter of the Society of Hispanic Engineers and is a member of their volunteer committee.Edgar hopes to participate in internships and research that would further improve both his academic and career prospects. Upon completion of his B.S.,he plans to pursue a master's in computer science.

Bianca Figueroa

Bianca Figueroa is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Agriculture and Food Systems with a minor in Plant Science. She studied to become a Pastry Chef, earning her Associates degree in 2013. She also received a diploma in Pastry at the Institute of Culinary Education. While working on her career int he kitchen, she fell in love with baking bread and had begun to learn about grains and flour. This inspired her curiosity about where food came from, how it was grown, and what made certain ingredients special. She decided that she wanted to be on the other side of the plate and left the kitchen in hopes of growing her own good food.

Nicole Fradenraich

Nicole Fraidenraich is in the School of Engineering majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She has a strong interest in robotics and eco-friendly technology. In her free time, she enjoys 3D Printing, Sewing, and Gardening. On campus she is a fundraising chair for the Rutgers University Club Gymnastics team. Back home in New York City, she is member of the leadership team at her community garden and an Intern Office Aide at MS 371 where she has the opportunity to work with middle school students to share the importance of sustainability. As her sense of environmental responsibility continues to grow, she would like to pursue research opportunities that use robotics to reduce the impact that humans have on the earth.

Daniel Gameiro

Daniel Gameiro is in the School of Engineering majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. In summer 2020, Daniel participated as an undergraduate research assistant to Dr. Konstantin Mischaikow through the Aresty Research Center's Summer Science Program. He is a member of Charity: Water Rutgers. After graduating, Daniel plans on furthering his studies by pursuing an M.S. or a Ph.D.

Xavier Garay

Xavier Garay plans to graduate in May of 2023 with a bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and is considering a double major in Mechanical Engineering. He plans on pursuing a graduate degree in biomedical engineering and researching the nervous system to develop technologies in prosthetics in order to be able to completely replicate human limbs, eventually allowing amputees to reach a full recovery. To help accomplish this goal, he has started working with a research team immediately after his first year Spring semester and hopes to play a greater role in any future projects, learning more every step of the way. In Summer 2020, through support of LSAMP, Xavier worked in research under the supervision of Dr. Victoria Abraire. He is also currently serving in the US Army National Guard and a part of the Army ROTC program at Rutgers with plans of serving 20 years as a Military Intelligence officer.

Kevin Ge

Kevin Ge is in the Rutgers Honors College majoring in Computer Engineering in School of Engineering and Computer Science in the School of Arts and Sciences. In Summer 2020, he served as an undergraduate research assistant through the Aresty Research Center's Summer Science Program, and led personal research project as a mentor for the New Jersey Governors School of Engineering and Technology. Kevin is very excited about anything tech!

Faizah Gibril

Faizah Gibril is a junior in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in psychology. After graduation she plans on getting her master’s degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. She is involved in the black student union and serves as the community service chair. She loves giving back to the community and helping others. Following graduate school, she would like to pursue a career in pharmacy as well as create a few businesses surrounding pharmaceuticals products.

Andrea Gil-Lopez

Andrea Gil-Lopez is a first-generation student, pursuing to double major in Computer Science and Political Science. She is a member of Douglass Residential College and the Computer Science Living Learning Community (CSLLC). Her involvements at Rutgers are but not limited to Douglass DIMACS Computing Corps, Women in Computer Science (WICS), Society of Hispanic Engineers, and so on. She is thankful to be a Douglass woman and a part of LSAMP. These support systems have help her navigate her first-year at Rutgers better than she could have ever imagined. After graduation, Andrea plans to attend Law School.

Jocelynn Gonzalez

Jocelynn Gonzalez transferred from County College of Morris where she was a member of the LSAMP alliance Bridge to the Baccalaureate program. At Rutgers, she is at the School of Engineering majoring in Biomedical Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys hiking on the Appalachian Train and making smoothies.

Rashawn Green

Rashawn Green is a junior in the School of Engineering, pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Economics. He works as a tutor for the Rutgers Learning Center. In his spare time, Rashawn enjoys reading and volunteering, whether it is at public health fairs or for local non-profit organizations focused on youth development. After graduation, he would like to work in the industry honing his skills with the goal of starting his own business in the future.

Shreya Gupta

Shreya Gupta is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Cell Biology and Neuroscience with a minor in Business Administration. She is a member of the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, wherein she is an Honors Ambassador and Peer Mentor, and the Douglass Residential College, through which she received the honor to participate in a research program titled Project SUPER. She is involved with several organizations on-campus and holds multiple leadership positions. She hopes to become more immersed in the field of STEM through the plethora of opportunities Rutgers offers.

Victoria Hong

Victoria Hong is a first-generation student majoring in Electrical Engineering with a focus in robotics as she plans to further research mechatronics in graduate school. At Rutgers, she is engaged in a variety of activities, including the Society of Women Engineers, Minority Engineering Education Task (MEET), Institute of Electrical Engineers organization, and the Residence Hall Association where held the Advocacy Liaison position. Through the Reilly Douglass Engineering learning Living Community, Victoria was given the opportunity to research the spring of her freshman year and in summer of 2020, she researched int he Robotics, Automation, and Mechatronics lab with Dr. Jingang Yi working on an independent project. Outside of academia, Victoria is actively involved in FIRST Robotics as an event volunteer and mentor to her high school robotics team, teaching students public speaking, time management, mechanical, technical, and programming skills. As Victoria possesses a genuine passion for robotics, she plans to utilize LSAMP's resources to accomplish her academic and research goals, while also giving back to the LSAMP community.

Keith Horne

Keith Horne was born in New Brunswick but raised in Willingboro, New Jersey. He is in the School of Engineering majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. I hopes to pursue a career in the field of electronic materials, specifically to do research to progress our technological world. In his free time, he is interested in fitness and enjoys working out.

Rizni Idris

Rizni Idris is a Rutgers SEBS student majoring in Biotechnology with a minor in Biochemistry. As part of the class of 2023, he intends to conduct research during his undergrad to explore his interests in the science field. Rizni has been part of charity: water Rutgers since his freshman year and likes to go to the gym or explore around campus with his friends. After graduation, he plans to continue with his studies after taking a few well-deserved vacations.

Arianny Isabel

Arianny Isabel is a first-generation Latina undergraduate, majoring Biological Sciences with a double minor in Psychology and Latino Caribbean Studies. She is a member of Douglass Residential College (DRC), where she was involved in the Global Village: La Casa Hispánica and had the opportunity to travel to Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic to help the woman-led community, Sonidos del Yaque, build stoves for the members of their community. Additionally, Arianny was able to write and compile a community-based research paper with the Global Village for the Central Jersey Diaper Bank, centering diaper insecurity in disadvantaged communities. She is currently a Red Pine Ambassador for DRC, a proud SAS EOF scholar, and a dedicated member of the Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS). During her time at Rutgers, Arianny works for the Busch Learning Center, Livingston Writing Center, and has served as an undergraduate research assistant for the Cognitive Development Lab of Dr. Alan Leslie. Subsequently, she is the current secretary/LSC Representative for the Rutgers Unión Estudantil Puertorriqueña (RUEP). After graduation, Arianny plans to pursue an MD/MPH or MD with a concentration in pediatric developmental disorders. She would also like to pursue research on the side regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), in order to allocate and make the proper resources accessible and affordable to underrepresented minorities.

Alexander Lazeration

Alexander (Alec) Lazeration is a junior at Rutgers School of Engineering pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is determined to solve modern issues and has had the pleasure of working with ExxonMobil to design and build a functional product that is now used in many of their factories. In addition to being passionate about making his ideas come to life, he is a math tutor that changes the lives of kids through math, for he helps boost their confidence and skills in this essential study. Alec is also an active volunteer who is dedicated to helping his community, considering he volunteers with the Arc of Somerset, helping mentally disabled adults by hosting biweekly art classes to inspire the crowd. While Alec is a recent graduate from the Honor’s College at Raritan Valley Community College, he did not let his impact go unnoticed, for he has also participated in the Bricks-4-Kidz program where he taught young kids the basics of engineering using building blocks and Legos, all while being a peer mentor to the lowerclassmen. Nonetheless, Alec looks forward to inspiring and engaging with his community at Rutgers, for being part of LSAMP gives him ample opportunity to do so. He fully intends on graduating with his master’s degree, and moving to France to assist in the ITER Project, which aims to bring nuclear fusion to the world.

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Nutrition. She hopes to pursue a career as a pharmaceutical nutritionist.Amanda believes that nutrition is the cornerstone of therapy for every single disease state, every drug provided in pharmacy is carefully personalized for the user. As a nutritionist, she hopes to play a major role in pharmaceutical companies, and hope through the LSAMP program, she will be given the opportunity to conduct research under experts in the field to forward her academic and career.

Amjatu Mansaray

Amjatu Mansaray is a junior in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and a Food Science major who is looking to gain practical and research skills in the sciences. Growing up, Amjatu had always loved food: cooking and eating. Her personal experiences as a culinary student and her inclination towards science led her to the conclusion that she wanted to pursue a food science degree. As a food scientist, Amjatu aspires to explore the realm of food and food production. Amjatu currently serves as the Rutgers’ Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) Chapter Historian, and is engaged in other clubs (food science club, COSINE club) as well. Outside of academics, she enjoys cooking and experimenting with food.

Drew Mastronardi

Drew Mastronardi is from Bernardsville, NJ and is a student in the Rutgers School of Engineering. Drew is currently pursuing a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He enjoys spending his time as an assistant coach for his high school wrestling team and working out. Currently in his junior year, this is Drew’s first year in the LSAMP program and he looks forward to participating in research and working with other members of the program.

Althea Miquela

Althea is a rising junior in the Honors Engineering Academy at Rutgers University - New Brunswick studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in Social Justice. She is dedicated to working towards gender equality and economic justice for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities through both intersectional and sustainable approaches. In her previous role, she worked as a Global Supply Chain Intern with Campbell’s Soup with a focus in protein procurement where she worked with a team to create and implement a market database tool to assist in sourcing decisions regarding forecasting accuracy and freight optimization further developing data analysis skills using SAP, Microsoft Excel, and computer programming. Her involvement at Rutgers includes being a LEx Site Leader for Rutgers Alternative Breaks as well as Treasurer for the Rutgers Engineering Honors Council. In her free time, she likes to sing and play instruments with the Honors Community through a group she co-founded to practice and improve her skills in leadership and performance. One of her proudest projects is involved with Rutgers Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship where she worked in a team to come up with a product that alleviates social issues such as poverty, food insecurity, and good health and well-being through engineering and innovation. She is always searching to combat social justice issues through new, challenging ways, actively looking for opportunities to expand knowledge in industrial engineering skills to improve the quality of life of those around her in an impactful, ethical manner. She is excited to be a part of a research team with Dr. Ahmed Aziz Ezzat focusing on Renewable Energy Systems and Data Analytic Forecasting.

Pedro Monroy-Polanco

Pedro Monroy-Polanco is in the School of Engineering majoring in Chemical Engineering. In summer 2020, he participated in two labs working with chemical reactions and explored the exposure of other organic chemicals create combustions; he also worked with cells to learn how they generate and multiply within the cell cycle. Through LSAMP, he hopes to gain professional development, and graduate assistance. He hopes to pursue a Master's in Science.

Erica Montes

Erica Montes is an immigrant from Guatemala. She is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Food Science. Through LSAMP, she hopes to further develop her professional and academic skills through participation in research and internship opportunities.

Dawa Muhammedsani

Dawa Muhammedsani is from Galloway NJ. He is an EOF scholar in the School of Engineering majoring in Civil Engineering. On campus. Dawa is a member of Internal Affairs Committee of the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHE) as well as a member and incoming secretary for the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for 2021-22 Academic Year. Dawa plans to pursue a career in transportation engineering and road design. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing soccer and basketball, cooking and baking, and listening to music.

Nnadozie Obi

Nnadozie Obi is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a multidisciplinary tutor for the School of Engineering, helping assist in subjects like General Chemistry for Engineers and Statics. Nnadozie is also an involved member in the Minority Engineering Educational Task, serving as under multiple chair positions. Some of his hobbies include video production and basketball. After his undergrad, he plans on pursuing a post-baccalaureate degree and starting a STEM outreach program.

Joshua Ogunmefun

Joshua Ogunmefun is in the School of Engineering majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He is particularly interested in tissue engineering and pursuing research in topics related to it. He is a Resident Assistant for Rutgers University, supervising a group of residents and provide community support. He is also a Learning Assistant. He serves as an undergraduate research assistant to Dr. David Shreiber, professor and chair of the Biomedical Engineering department. He hopes to pursue an MD/PhD as he wants to attain both practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

Olubusayo Oluwagbamila

Olubusayo Oluwagbamila is a junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Art. She is passionate about science, art and their intersections. She once had a research internship where she conducted research on ants. In her free time, she choreographs dance and plays the piano at her local church. She is also studying web development through OpenClassrooms and hopes to find a job as a front-end web developer. After college, she plans on attending graduate school to pursue a Master’s in Medical Illustration.

Karman Pannu

Karman Pannu is from East Windsor, NJ and is currently a junior in the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers--New Brunswick. Although Karman has not yet chosen a major, she is considering Biology or Psychology. After graduating, Karman plans to pursue a career in medicine and as a researcher.

Katherine park

Katherine Park is in the School Engineering majoring in Biomedical Engineering with minors in both Art and Business Administration. In her pursuit for a graduate degree, she wishes to perform research in tissue reconstruction to hopefully use the knowledge and experience gained from her major as well as LSAMP to acquire a career that focuses on the making of prosthetics. In her free time, she paints with acrylic/oil and create stamps that represent her heritage (hence the art minor!). She is passionate about victim advocacy, and is a volunteer for both the national and her local sexual assault hotlines, in addition to the inclusion of POC literature in the American education system as a volunteer/coordinator for Diversify our Narrative. she has a sincere desire to learn, explore, share, and educate.

Mitsu Patel

Mitsu Patel is a student in the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program and plans to major in Cell Biology and Neuroscience with a minor in Hindi. During my undergraduate years at Rutgers, she wants to take the opportunity to educate herself beyond the classroom and books and immerse herself in the field of research. She is a brown belt karate player, and a professional dancer and choreographer. She is very passionate about community service, animal welfare, and environmental awareness.

Nisarg Patel

Nisarg Patel is in the School of Arts in Sciences majoring in Computer science with a minor in Business Administration. He is an avid cricket player and a tech. enthusiast. During his free time, he loves reading books and articles about the stock market and finance, and is an active stock trader by passion. His future aim is to get a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Stanford Business School and kickoff a career in Tech. at one of the top financial institutions in the country.

Gianna Pecorella

Gianna Pecorella is double majoring in Plant Biology and English. She began her Rutgers journey as an English major at the School of Arts and Sciences but followed where her love of plants took her after joining the Cook Student Organic Gardening Club, which she is now co-president of. She transferred to the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences in Fall 2020 so she could pursue both passions: reading and writing, and working with plants. She is proud to be a DJ and Program Director at 90.3 The Core, one of the first clubs she became involved in at Rutgers. She is grateful to have experienced art in New Brunswick through the D.I.Y. scene, Demarest Hall, her job at the Zimmerli Art Museum, participation at The Anthologist literary magazine, and Improv with College Avenue Players. She affiliates herself with social justice and cultural causes at the Center for Social Justice Education LGBT Communities and Rutgers Hillel. Gianna hopes to get her hands dirty at a greenhouse or a botanical garden, and do research on endophytes in the near future –– continuing to write sad poems all the while.

Faizah Rahim

Faizah Rahim is from Old Bridge, New Jersey. She is a first generation, Bengali woman majoring in biomedical engineering. She is a member of the Rutgers Society of Women Engineers. She plans on minoring in cognitive science and focusing on tissue engineering for her major. Her undergraduate plans include performing research and obtaining internships in the biomedical field. After her undergraduate studies, she plans on going to graduate school to become a research scientist. As a young woman of color, Faizah wants do dedicate her future career to research illnesses that affect not only her own community, but other under-represented communities around the world.

Isabel Serna

Isabel Serna is a junior in the School of Arts and Sciences. She is majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Psychology. She plans on going to graduate school for Cognitive Psychology after finishing a bachelor’s degree. Her hobbies include working out, drawing, reading, and watching tv. She's excited to meet new people and learn new skills through this program as well as gain some more research experience.

Antonio Bu Sha

Antonio Bu Sha is a Rutgers Honors College Mechanical Engineering junior. He is a member of the Rutgers Student Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and a 2019 recipient of the SHPE Chevron Scholarship. During the summer of 2020, Antonio participated in the Aresty-LSAMP Summer Practical Research Experience (SPRE), where he conducted research on the genetic information encoded in DNA and RNA, under the mentorship of Professor Wilma Olson. For this project, Antonio designed and implemented a software-based algorithm that quantified the force interactions between DNA strands and proteins in the nuclei of cells. Antonio will be continuing this work during the Fall 2020 semester. Antonio’s academic goals are to obtain a graduate degree and a Professional Engineering license. His professional goal is to pursue a career in industry.

Maya Shanker

Maya Shanker is a junior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science. She is currently aiding research efforts at the Drexel Autism Institute, and is involved in research at Rutgers involving the effects of Covid and remote learning on the college experience. She is an active participant of various clubs and programs at Rutgers, including serving as the editor of layout for the Rutgers pre-health magazine RU Examiner, and the head of social media for Q+A, and LSAMP. Post her BA, she plans to apply for MA and PhD/PsyD programs.

Nikita Sharma

Nikita Sharma is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Critical Intelligence Studies. Her research interest includes astronomy, engineering disciplines, artificial intelligence (AI), and cyber security. At Rutgers, she is an Outreach Director and Campus Director for the Women in Computer Science and Women in Technology, respectively. She works with REACT and JAVA primarily to see how to increase user interaction and also to appeal more to companies and students. In February 2020, she participated in a hackHERS hackathon, where she gained the opportunity to be mentored and work with other students on a project called “Venmore”- a Web App that was created using React, Twilio, the Capital One API, JavaScript, CSS, and NODE. This project won First Place for the Capital Once Best Financial Hack. Through LSAMP, she hopes to pursue more research opportunities and gain professional development experiences.

Guramrit Singh

Guramrit Singh is a junior in the School of Engineering pursuing a double major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. He has always been interested in engineering and technology ever since he was a child playing with Legos. He was a member of FIRST Robotics Team 56 from Bound Brook High School in Bound Brook, NJ for four years and graduated from high school as the president of the team. This experience on the team only made his passion for technology and cooperation grow and he is still an active mentor on the team. He hopes to start a career focused around AI and machine learning.

Marcos Souza

Marcos Souza is a transfer student currently in his junior in the School of Arts and Sciences. He is majoring on professional physics and one of his goals is to become a researcher. After acquiring his B.S is to do a master’s degree in nanotechnology, or something related to the study of atoms and quarks.

David Valverde

David Valverde is from Hopelawn, New Jersey and attended John F. Kennedy Memorial High School. He is an EOD Scholar in the School of Engineering majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is a member of the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHE) where he serves on the Executive Board as the Collegiate Liaison. In his spare time, he enjoys watching and playing basketball.He loves watching movies and T.V. In summer 2020 he completed an internship with Bechtel Corporation. He works in the Busch Student Center as an Operations Assistant. He looks forward to learning more about research opportunities and possible graduate schools while in the LSAMP program!

Brian Villa-Lafontaine

Brian Villa-Lafontaine is in the School of Engineering majoring in Chemical Engineering. He serves as a Peer Mentor with the Student Support Services center, where he creates, facilitates, and coordinate programs/activities for first-generation students to encourage engagement and involvement with SSS programs. He is a member of the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHE). He also participated in Rutgers' Paul Robeson Leadership Institute, and is a Robeson scholar. Post Rutgers, he hopes to work in pharmaceutical companies and attend a post-baccalaureate program to pursue a PhD. Ultimately, he wants to give back to his community in Elizabeth, NJ.

George Wenson

George Wenson is in the Rutgers Honors College double majoring in Materials Sciences and Engineering in the School of Engineering, and Chemistry in the School of Arts and Sciences. Outside of classes, he uses his scientific knowledge with the Rutgers Solar Car Team. In Summer 2020, he conducted research as an undergraduate research assistant in the Aresty Summer Science Research Program. He is also an accomplished singer and performs with Casual Harmony, a Rutgers a Capella group. He is an ambassador for the Honors College, and helps his community as part of the Honors College Changemaking Communities.

Jovi Williams

Jovi Williams is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Psychology. She is a member of STEM Ambassadors, Rutgers Chemistry Society, and the Society of Cosmetic Chemists New York Chapter. After completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to continue onto graduate school in the Rutgers Master of Business and Science Degree program in the Personal Care concentration. As for her career path, she hopes to work as a cosmetic chemist formulating makeup, haircare, or skincare.

Maliha Yeasmin

Maliha Yeasmin is in the School of Engineering majoring in Computer Engineering. She loves learning new material, gaining skills, and making friends who share similar interests as her. This was her essential reason to join the LSAMP program and other activities on campus such as EGC, SME, and the Douglass College.

Mark Youssef

From a young age Mark Youssef, has had a strong pull towards science and research. Mark is a undergraduate student in the School od Environmental and Biological Sciences, who has a strong passion for medicine. He believes that medicine is the application of research as it pushes boundaries in science and improves old techniques. In high school, Mark was a Young Science Achiever Program grant recipient and later went on and received a Lemelson-MIT Grant for $10,000. This built a foundational understanding of collegiate research and presenting skills. In his freshman year, Mark has worked under the supervision of Dr. Ronald Hart and Dr. Dina Popova since the and was an Aresty Summer Science poster presenter. Ultimately, Mark hopes to one day be able to be able to serve and provide care as a Physician-Scientist. Currently, Mark works in Save the Children of the Developing World, by providing resources for healthcare, education, and basic everyday necessities. Looking for the future, Mark hopes to be able to research issues in medicine to provide the best care for all people, by implementing and discovering new medical techniques.

Selena Zheng

Selena Zheng is in the School of Engineering majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. Being involved in research gives her the opportunity to apply my problem solving skills and work on innovative projects. she started conducting research in Spring 2020 through Project SUPER where she studied high-speed vehicles and worked with CAD modeling. During Summer 2020, she applied machine learning methods to detect anomalies in self-driving car data to help make autonomous vehicles better and safer. In addition to research, she enjoys building sustainable solutions in different communities through Engineers Without Borders.

Not Pictured

Kamola Agzamova

Biochemistry and French

Mehak Ali

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Maya Androus

Cell biology

Ashley Astudillo

Computer Science and Psychology

Arielle Banal

Chemical Engineering

Tasnova Choudhury

Molecular Biology

Yossef Fakry

Yossef Fakry is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Microbiology. He hopes to conduct research focused on microbes. He plans to obtain a masters and phD in virology and plan to work in labs to find cures and other ways to treat viruses.

Jocelyne Montesino

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Estanli Mora

Mechanical Engineering

Emmanuel Opoku


Caroline Prophete

Caroline Prophete is a junior, majoring in Exercise Science with a concentration in Physical Therapy. Additionally, she plans to minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. As a proud EOF and DRC scholar, she hopes to give back to these programs’ communities. As a candidate for the Rutgers DPT 4+3 Program, once she graduates, she plans to continue her studies at Rutgers’s graduate schools. One of her goals is to travel to different countries and observe how they implement rehabilitative and preventative measures into their healthcare systems. During her free time, she enjoys listening to various kinds of music like Kompa and Afrobeats, loves trying new cooking recipes, and is a binge-watching enthusiast.

Yaneli Rios

Yaneli Rios is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Microbial Biotechnology. Currently she is involved in ODASIS and is a member of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Incorporated, where she serves as Vice President of Chapter operations and Director of Marketing and Recruitment. In summer 2020, she worked for Rutgers New Student Orientation as an Orientation leader where she was able to engage the incoming students despite the global pandemic. Throughout the past couple of years, she volunteered at Liberty Science Center, and during the summers, she was able to help teach a stem related class to students between the ages 6-12.

Mohita Sinha

Computer Science

Yewon Yang

Biomedical Engineering

Aysha Zaher

Aysha Zaher is a first-generation Caribbean American women, considering a major in Biological Sciences. She is a member of Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS), School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program, and a Paul Robeson RU1st Scholar through the Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement (DICE). She aspires to enroll into an MD/PhD program after receiving her bachelors’ degree. She is passionate about women’s health and child development and is hoping to start a podcast focusing on younger generations understanding their beauty, worth, and importance through their differences. Her overall goal is to be able to support individuals on a physical and mental spectrum because she believes that physical and mental pain come hand in hand and must be talked about and treated as equals.