LSAMP Class of 2022


Noor Abdelaziz

Noor Abdelaziz is studying Industrial and Systems Engineering at the School of Engineering. At Rutgers, Noor is a part of the Reilly Douglass Engineering Living and Learning Community (R-DELLC) at the Douglass Residential College as well as the Educational Oppurtinity Fund (EOF) Program. On campus, she is a Resident Assistant (RA) and a Building Operations Manager at Busch Student Center. Her extracurricular activities include being the Co-President of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF).

Habiba Abdelhalim

Habiba Abdelhalim was born in Egypt and moved to the U.S. in 2017. She is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Biotechnology. Currently, she is working in Dr. Sonia Arora's lab, researching the therapeutic effects that herbal plants have on inflammation. Once she completes her B.S, she plans on attending graduate school for biotechnology and genetics and hopes to work in drug discovery research.

Aasim Abdelkhalek

Aasim Abdelkhalek is from Baskin Ridge, New Jersey. He is in the School of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Exercise Science and Information Technology. Aasim recently completed his very first Hackathon which is a coding competition that brings people together from across the globe to build apps and cultivate ideas that are beneficial to society. Aasim is interested in pursuing a career in game development working alongside some of the names in gaming today

Jason Acevedo

Jason Acevedo is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Ecology, with a minor in Environmental Geomatics. Jason's interest in ecology began with bird watching at a very young age. Jason's uncle had a bird feeder in his backyard, there Jason would watch a community of birds with many different feeding habits all integrating with their habitats in their own way. This experience developed an interest in ecosystems and their organisms on a larger scale. Upon completion of his BA, Jason hopes for a career in conducting research for the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

Benjamin Algava

Benjamin Algava is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in biotechnology, with minors in biochemistry and microbiology. He has obtained an associate degree in Chemistry from Middlesex County College and a B.A. in English from Montana State University-Billings. Since 2013, Ben has worked as a dietary aide in nursing homes; currently, he is employed at Anchor Care Health and Rehabilitation Center. Benjamin hopes to attend graduate school to study molecular biology and/or virology. His ultimate goal is to become a lab researcher.

Noa Alon

My name is Noa and I am at Rutgers majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience on the pre-med track. After graduation I am planning on taking a gap year before starting medical school. In my free time I enjoy volunteering. This past summer I served as an Elder Life volunteer at Abington Hospital and currently I am mentoring first year students and helping them with the transition to college through the Honors College Ally program. I also like to go swimming at the beach, hiking, and traveling.

Chimarajie Amu-Nnadi

Chimarajie Amu-Nnadi is in the School of Arts and Sciences.She goes by the nickname Ije and is a transfer student from TCNJ. Some of her hobbies include reading, watching Netflix, cooking, and working out. She is determined to learn new skills and to perform each of her responsibilities to her fullest capacity. Ije excitedly joins House LSAMP this year and looks forward to collaborating and engaging with the community.

Ashley Anele

Ashley Anele is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biology. She is involved in many organizations on campus including National Residence Hall Honorary and RU Amnesty International.

Bolu Araromi

Boluwatife (Bolu) Araromi is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Biological Sciences. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, and traveling. After completing her B.A., Bolu hopes to apply for pharmacy school to obtain a doctorate of pharmacy. She hopes to specialize in dermatology and eventually start her own skincare company. Ultimately, Bolu hopes to change the face of skincare medication to not only help people and families in low-income communities in the U.S. but as well as Nigeria, her parents' homeland.

Sarah Arif

Sarah Arif is double majoring in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior, and Political Science with minors in International and Global Studies and Sustainability. Minimizing the catastrophic oncoming, and current, impacts of climate change are one of Sarah's biggest motivators in her academic career. She wants to continue to learn about her field as an environmental activist and how she can help facilitate a future we can all look forward to. Sarah has discovered a newfound appreciation for hiking at state parks in the tribal-state area.

Jesus Avila

Jesus Avila is a first-generation Dominican-Peruvian pursuing a degree in Biotechnology. He is part of the class of 2022. After graduating, he plans on attending graduate school to continue his studies in Biotechnology and focus on Bioinformatics. In the future, he would like to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry and help develop therapies and preventative care for genetic diseases.

Wassim Azzouzi

Wassim is broadly interested in discrete mathematics and number theory. He will graduating in 2022 having completed the honors requirements for the math major.

Victor Baham

Victor Baham is in the School of Engineering majoring in computer engineering. He plans to work as a cryptographer or cryptanalyst after he graduates from Rutgers while pursuing higher education in software patent law. In his free time, he enjoys word games, streaming movies, and writing short stories.

Syeda Batool

Syeda Batool is majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience with a minor in Psychology. She works as a tutor in Livingston Writing Center and is a Learning Assistant for General Chemistry for Engineers at the Rutgers Learning Center. She is an active participant in various clubs and programs at Rutgers such as the Muslim Student Association, Pre-Student of Osteopathic Medicine Association, North American Disease Intervention, and LSAMP. Post her BA, she plans to apply for MD/Ph.D. programs.

Jocelyn Bejar

Jocelyn Bejar is majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Psychology. She is Columbian and Peruvian and was born in the city of Elizabeth, NJ. She enjoys watching movies and soccer, playing tennis, volunteering, cooking and dancing. She is a member of the Chi Upsilon Sigma National Sorority, Incorporated.

Ariana Belton

Ariana Belton is majoring in Biomedical Engineering and is also working towards receiving a certification in Packaging Engineering. She is an undergraduate researcher in a Diabetes research lab at the Child Health Institute at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She is a Douglass woman and currently a Reilly DELLC student as well as a participant in Project Super at Douglass. Her goals after obtaining her bachelor’s degree are to continue to conduct diabetes research and earn a master’s degree in Molecular Bioscience.

Alexandra Bozan

Alexandra Bozan is majoring in Biotechnology with a concentration in Microbiology and a minor in Biochemistry. She is interested in research opportunities centered around biotechnology, genetics and microbiology.During Spring 2020 she worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant for Dr. Amrik Sahota, Research Professor, in the Department of Genetics, which focused on the development of a new mouse model for Lesch-Nyhan Disease. After graduation, she would like to pursue a Ph.D. program in Immunology, Pathology and Infectious Disease. Her end-goal is to work within the research community, in either an academic or industrial lab setting. On her time off, Alexandra loves to snowboard, hike, run, dance, cook, read and listen to podcasts. She is addicted to This Week in Virology, This Week in Microbiology and Immune are her favorites from that series. Her personal goal once I graduate, is to hike the Long Trail in Vermont in its entirety on her own.

Christian Brito

Christian Brito is in the School of Engineering, pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. He is interested in the development of sustainable energy and the challenges that arise with the advent of smart cities. His hobbies are art and reading, and he is the VP of the Ratio Christi ministry at Rutgers. After graduating Rutgers, he would like to work in the industry to learn more about the tools of the trade.

Errol Brown

Errol Brown is a first-generation Jamaican-American student majoring in Biology and Linguistics. He is an SAS EOF scholar. Through LSAMP, he worked as an undergraduate research assistant at inqits where he worked on grading students’ science experiments in elementary schools. He will continue this work during the 2020-2021 academic year as an Aresty Research Assistant. He wants to go to graduate school where he can be a speech therapist and help kids with disabilities be able to speak.

Mariela Carrera

Mariela Carrera , originally from Ecuador, came to the USA to pursue her dream of becoming a scientist six years ago. She attended a community college and used to be an active member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She also used to teach Spanish in diverse projects to promote her native language and culture in downtown Jersey City. Mariela transferred to Rutgers University, New Brunswick, in September 2019. Currently, she is part of a program for non-traditional students at Douglass Residential College and a McNair scholar. She will be graduating in 2022 with a BS in Biotechnology and a minor in Biochemistry and aspires to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Sciences. Her goal is to work in a field related to molecular biology, immunity, or gene expression. Mariela actively seeks opportunities to immerse herself in research. In 2019 summer, she was an intern at Columbia University. Her project was to determine the source of microplastic fibers in the ocean, and she presented this effort at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego, CA. This summer, she worked at the University of Delaware on a project related to the fate of cadmium in rice. Additionally, she was part of a research team with the RISE Undergraduate Summer Program at Rutgers that explored scientific, epidemiologic, medical, and societal aspects of poliomyelitis.

Sarah Catovic

Sarah Catovic is majoring Mathematics with a minor in Cognitive Science. Since her sophomore year, she has been a tutor for Calculus 1 and 2 at the learning Center. Tutoring has given her an opportunity to make connections with her fellow peers on campus. This past summer (2020), she received support from LSAMP to conduct research under the conducted research under the guidance of Professor Konstantin Mischaikow and Professor Ewerton Viera in the Mathematics department. She used MATLAB and Dynamic Signatures Generated by Regulatory Networks (DSGRN) software to analyze the dynamics of certain gene regulatory networks. She compared the results produced by Hill Functions and Piecewise Linear Functions to see if Piecewise Linear Functions can be used to represent the dynamics for various gene regulatory networks. She will continue with this research through the 2020-2021 academic year. She plans to complete the 5 Year Master’s Program in Mathematics Education at the Graduate School of Education (GSE) at Rutgers. Sarah hopes to be a high school mathematics teacher because she wants to help students find a love for learning and not feel as though they are incapable. She also wants to be certified in Special Education because she feels as though many students with special needs are not given a chance to be successful in their education, and she wants to help them be confident in themselves and have the chance to learn.

Yaledy Charleus

Yaledy Charleus is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biology. She is passionate about becoming a respectable clinical researcher that serves, benefits, and educates the black community

Mica Dario

Mica Dario is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biology. Apart from LSAMP, Mica is also in the Douglass Residential College and a member of Phi Sigma Sigma. She intends to conduct research in cell biology, neuroscience and health disparities to broaden her horizon.

Dameara Davenport

Demeara Davenport is majoring in Biochemistry int he School of Environmental and Biological Sciences with a minor in Music. She is a part of the Douglass Residential College and also a member of the liberated Gospel Choir on campus. She plans to pursue a Master in Pharmacology, with an ultimate goal to specialize as a clinical pharmacologist.

Folarin Davies

Folarin Davies is in in the School of Engineering, and majoring in Mechanical engineering. His main interests are aerospace, robotics and EV’s. He is proficient in CAD using Fusion 360 and Solidworks, in coding with Python, C++ and Matlab. He is currently working on a quadrupedal robot baked on Arduino and a Bipedal robot based on raspberry pi. He is also a member of NSBE.

Kayla Doodnath

Kayla Doodnath is majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience with a minor in psychology. Her interest in clinical psychology and medicine has led her to join the ABUSA lab as an undergraduate research assistant to learn more about the ties between biology and psychology. In the future she hopes to use this unique research opportunity as well as the support that LSAMP provides to pursue a medical degree and conduct her own clinical research once she starts her career in medicine and research. The LSAMP program has encouraged her as a minority student pursuing a STEM-related field to be curious as both a student and researcher and she grateful to be a part of it!

Emanuela Efodili

Emanuela Efodili is in the School of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. She transferred from the University of Pittsburgh, but is New Jersey born and raised. Emanuela serves as the Programming Chair for the Rutgers United Black Council, where she can be a voice for the Black Community. She is passionate about representation in the science fields, aspires to obtain a PhD in pediatric behavioral neuroscience, and is excited to be a member of the LSAMP Program.

Celine Egeonu

Celine Egeonu is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Biology. She is a member of the Rutgers Kodenkan Juijitsu Club and the Minority Association of Prehealth students.

Sarah Ekenezar

Sarah Ekenezar is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior. She plans to be an environmental sociologist or environmental lawyer. Sarah has lived and learned in communities that has had various environmental issues ranging from mild air pollution to contaminated drinking water supplies. Her personal experience with lead in drinking water, along with her passion for politics, sparked her interest in environmental justice. Recently, Sarah's main focus has ben centered around environmental racism and water pollution. She currently serves as a writer and graphic designer for The Trail Newsletter, a monthly SEBS publication that covers a wide range of environmental topics. When she is not involved with school activities, Sarah enjoys spending time gardening, sketching, and researching environmental legislation.

Chidera Enweremadu

Chidera Enweremadu is in the School of Engineering majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Chidera is excited to be an LSAMP member because of its commitments to diversity in STEM. She hopes to gain from LSAMP a more refined outlook on technology in science. She wished to work with prosthetics. Ultimately she hopes for a career where she can utilize her skills to understand the processes and materials that are involved in producing prosthetics in order to improve quality, and ultimately improve the lives of individuals who depends on the use of prosthetics.

Sakeena Faizi

Sakeena Faizi is majoring in Biological Sciences in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. She transferred from Union County College where she was a member of the Bridge to the Baccalaureate (B2B)- a program in the LSAMP track that that provides support for alliances of community colleges (2-year institutions) to accelerate that transfer of students from racial and ethnic groups historically underrepresented in STEM disciplines to four-year institutions. Upon completion of her degree at Rutgers, Sakeena plans to attend pharmacy school.

Saige Fallas

Saige Fallas is in the School of Engineering majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Saige is passionate in her major where she one day hopes to work in industry to help create medical devices to improve life longevity of people around the world. Her extracurricular activities include being the current Community Service chair for Society of Hispanic Engineers where she works to promote STEM education and exposure to minority led schools. Additionally, she is the 2022 Class Representative for Rutgers University Biomedical Engineering Society and a current member of the organization ENABLE. At one point in her academic career, Saige wishes to be able to explore graduate school options to further her journey within Biomedical Engineering!

Daniel Garcia-Perez

Daniel Garcia-Perez is double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Kinesiology. His main goal is to help people not only in developing new methods of rehabilitation but also making it easier for communities to access these methods. He is a member of the Minority Engineering Educational Task (MEET) and serves as the Technical Excellence Chair where his role consist of providing the general body research opportunities on campus as well as conducting outreach to local middle/high schools to expose students to STEM. He hopes to attend graduate school to further explore his research interest in Biomedical Engineering and rehabilitation.

Clara Giminez

Clara Gimenez is majoring in biomedical engineering.She loves her major and think that through biomedical engineering (as well as other engineering disciplines) our healthcare systems can be massively improved! When she's not studying, she participates in some extracurricular activities. One of which is her sorority, Alpha Omega Epsilon (AOE) which is a professional/academic organization for women in STEM! Thus far, in her academic career I have conducted research in two different labs, one in the biomedical department and she is currently participating in research through the Chemistry department with support from LSAMp. Post Rutgers, she looks forward to continuing her education through pursuing a PhD!

Kaleb Gittens

Kaleb Gittens is from Cranbury, NJ and is a student in the Rutgers Business School. At RBS, Kaleb plans to major in Business Analytics Finance with a minor in Political Science. A transfer student from community college, Kaleb is eager to take advantage of the research opportunities that he did not have at his previous institution. He is interested in research fields that include information systems strategy, data mining, optimizations, and economic forecasting. At his previous community college, he served as the Vice President of the Global Business club and volunteers as a tutor in his free time. Post Rutgers, he hopes to work in Investment banking in the Merges and Acquisitions department as an analyst; ultimately, he hopes to implement economic policy in a state/federal government position.

Rufus Gomez

Rufus Gomez is from Neptune, NJ. He attended Brookdale Community College where he earned his Associate in Science graduating with Honors in Spring 2020. At Rutgers, he is a senior majoring in Biology. He hopes to dedicate his life to a field where differences should not measure one's value or a risk to their livelihood, a universal value, he believes, we should all stand by regardless of economic status, race, or immigration status. Through LSAMP he hopes to take part in research that will prepare him for the relevant skills required i.e. scientific thinking and research decision-making.

Melissa Gonzalez

Melissa González is from Perth Amboy, NJ. She is a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. Aside from her interests in Engineering and Business, she is fascinated with astronomy and have always wanted to be an astronaut. During the school year, she enjoys being immersed within the Rutgers community through her involvement as a First Year Integration (FYI) Peer Mentor, volunteering as an Engineering Summer Transition Leader for summer 2020, and playing ultimate on the Woman’s Ultimate Frisbee Team. Additionally, she works as a Multidisciplinary Tutor within the School of Engineering, she is a Physics Learning Assistant, and currently conducting research remotely in Dr. Abraira’s Lab. Within the research team, she reconstructs neurons from 2D to 3D images and perform statistical analysis to investigate the functional organization within the spinal cord that gives rise to specific behavioral features related to pain and locomotion. Post graduate school, she aspires to apply both my Engineering and Business skills in R&D within the Medical Device Industry.

Kadian Gordon

Kadian Gordon is from Maplewood, NJ. Kadian attends the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Plant Biology. She is a member of Douglass Residential College and a Douglass Welcoming Ambassador (DWA). She is a student at the School of Biological and Environmental Sciences and a member in the G.H. Cook Microbiology and Biochemistry Club. She was involved in Student Involvement at Rutgers as a program assistant for the Rutgers Late Knight Program. After graduation, Kadian plans to obtain a masters degree in Plant Genetics.

Seyma Guleryuz

Seyma Guleryuz is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering and minoring in Business Administration. She has been involved with many activities and programs at Rutgers University. She is a Division-I student-athlete as a coxswain at Rutgers Rowing Team, Chairwoman of Douglass Welcoming Ambassadors and she is teaching one credit college course as RU-FIT Peer Leader. She also is a peer mentor at Rutgers University School of Engineering, served as a note taker at Rutgers University Office of Disabilities Service, and is a member of several clubs including Alzheimer’s Buddies Club, Society of Women Engineers, Rutgers Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and Rutgers Women in Computer Science. She was awarded with Academic All-Big Ten Honoree, New York State Assembly Certificate of Merit and has been on Dean’s List all semesters.

Jeannette Guzman

Jeannette Guzman is graduating in May 2022, with a degree in Microbiology from the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University. She plans to use her degree in Microbiology to advance into medical school. After graduation, Jeannette plans to take a gap year to volunteer at local organizations in New Jersey.

Diana Hadad

Diana Hadad is majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Spanish and Chemistry. This past semester (Spring 2020), she joined her dream lab-KBLEE Group: Institute for NanoBiomedical Research. She helped two graduate students with their projects by synthesizing different nanotechnology like manganese dioxide nano sheets, urchins, and mesaoporous silica nanoparticles. This fall (2020) she will be a TI and part of the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Certificate in Chemistry Education Program. Her responsibilities are to guide students to develop their problem-solving skills, hold weekly office hours, take a pedagogy course of Introduction to Chemistry Education, teach a Chemistry lab course, and hold review sessions for exams. Post Rutgers, Diana hopes to obtain an MD/PhD.

Navjeet Kaur

Navjeet Kaur is working towards a B.S. in Exercise Science at the School of Arts and Sciences. She is an SAS Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) scholar and is working on the executive boards of the Rutgers Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Society as well as an organization outside of Rutgers called REVIBE. She is looking forward to the opportunities that LSAMP will provide to further her academic and professional career as a first-generation college student.

Nicholas Ku

Nicholas Ku is in the School of Arts of Sciences majoring in Computer Science. He is passionate about sports and enjoys programming and learning new skills.

Jeremy Lewan

Jeremy Lewan is an Honors College student in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Operational Meteorology. As a member of the Meteorology Club and RU-TV WeatherWatchers Club, Jeremy reports the weekly Wednesday night forecasts in the RU-TV Studio in Perry Hall. His ultimate aspiration is to be a TV broadcast meteorologist in the New York/New Jersey weather market.He is a SEBS Ambassador and member of the American Meteorological Society Student Chapter. He has been a member of the Alliance for Climate Education Youth Action Network (ACE) for over five years, participated in numerous climate marches, and he is a staunch proponent of reducing single-use plastic waste. He enjoys traveling and adventuring, specifically total solar eclipse chasing. He runs a monthly running column for the Green Print Magazine called Bucket List for the Traveler, in which he shares with the Rutgers community scientific knowledge he has acquired about places he has visited, specifically aiming to make readers aware of the ecological importance of precious ecosystems that exist around the world, and how climate change and other human-induced stresses imperil them.In addition to traveling, he enjoys going to concerts, bike riding, hiking, geocaching, swimming, photography, and videography.

Jennyfer Mendoza

Jennyfer Mendoza is studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. She is the secretary of the Minority Engineering Educational Task (MEET) for the 2020-21 academic year. She is an EOF scholar in the School of Engineering. She participated in the PREFACE Program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. She hopes to enter the cosmetic industry to help promote the importance of self-care and help bring about confidence in people.

Michelle Maravillas

Michelle Maravillas is a senior majoring in Biochemistry at the Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS). Currently, she is working as a research assistant at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School under Dr. Manuel Jimenez, researching disparities in language and social-emotional skill acquisition. Upon completion of her B.S. degree, Michelle plans on attending graduate school and pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Carlos Mercardo

Carlos Augusto Mercado is majoring in biomedical engineering. he is interested in medicine and genetics. More specifically pharmacogenomics, which is a combination of pharmacology and genomics. Some extracurricular activities that Carlos enjoy are skateboarding, dancing preferably shuffling, poker, spikeball, and wrestling. His goals, post undergraduate degree at Rutgers, are to earn a M.S. in biomedical engineering at Rutgers and establish an academic position focusing on research.

Jemimah Moise

Jemimah Moise is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology. She is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and then hopes to go on to get her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She is an aspiring Physical Therapist specializing in Pediatrics and hopes to own her own practice and then travel to various countries to aide children in developing countries. She is an active member of A. Life, a college youth ministry in which she serves as a Lead Team Member, Liberated Gospel Choir and Dancers of Liberated Praise, and the Kinesiology and Health Club. She is a member of Douglass Residential College and is a participant in the Bold Summer Leadership Academy.

Kenneth Morales

Kenneth Morales is a first-generation student, majoring in Biotechnology in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Currently in the Class of 2022 as a SEBS EOF student, he is interested in contributing to research that involves the advancements of regenerative medicines. After graduation, Kenneth plans to obtain a Masters in Biotechnology to later contribute to research that benefits the world of health.

Marwan Mustafa

Marwan Mustafa is majoring in a Biology major in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. He is a first generation American from Egypt. He is interested in investigating the overlap between physiology and psychology. He spent his childhood years putting together computers in his father's electronic retailer warehouse focusing on both hardware and software. This past spring, Marwan began to teach himself how to code apps. Combining his curiosity of the brain, Marwan hopes to pursue a career in cybernetics- the study of human to machine communication. In LSAMP, Marwan looks forward to innovating, researching, and forming valuable connections with like and unlike-minded people.

Mark Neufeld

Mark Neufeld is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Quantitative Economics. He is passionate about mathematics and in helping others appreciate it. When not tutoring or studying for classes, Mark enjoys baking, learning languages, and travel. Upon graduation, he hopes on pursuing a career as an Actuary.

Mojisola-Gabrielle Obayanju

Mojisola-Gabrielle Obayanju was born in New Brunswick, NJ and raised in Florence, NJ. She is a senior in the School or Arts and Sciences majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience. Some of her interests include weightlifting, runway fashion and cooking.

Sean Ochiagha

Sean Ochiagha is majoring in Exercise Science. He is involved in the Minority Association of Pre-Health students as Co-Treasurer and Ultimate Frisbee Club as Secretary. Outside of school, I volunteer at RWJUH in the ED department and in Elijah’s Promise. He also conducts research in Dr. El Ouaamari’s Lab where he identifies signals relating to pancreatic insult cells in mouse and human models of mice and human models of obesity and diabetes.

Kasi Oguonu

Chimkasima (Kasi) Oguonu is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her Electrical and Computer Engineering major allows her access to understanding the fundamentals of programming and as well as learning about the ins and outs of circuit design and composition. Some of Kasi's extracurricular activities include listening to podcasts and music and watching digital content. This summer, she worked at Northrop Grumman Space Systems as a Guidance, Navigation, and Control Intern editing scripts to monitor sun sensors for the Seraphim satellite. Post graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in technology and business and allocate time to her interests in moderating and writing.

Olusola Olatubosun

Olusola Mary (Lola) Olatubosun is a Nigerian-American woman. She is in the School of Arts and Sciences studying Public Health. She is a dedicated student in the Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS). During her free time, she is the secretary of F.A.C.E Modeling Team and a general member of TWESE. She is also on the eboard of a new mental health organization created by BlPOC for BlPOC, called MindVersity. During winter and summer breaks, she spends her time interning/working at an outpatient psychiatric office as a temp, fulfilling the roles of a Medical Assistant and an Administrative/Executive Assistant. After graduating, she plans on achieving an MPH in Social and Behavioral Health Sciences. Following graduate school, she would like to pursue a career in psychiatry, specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry, and focus on serving underrepresented minority communities.

Nkenna Opara

Nkenna Opara is majoring in Computer Engineering. He currently serves as a learning assistant for extended analytical physics, and conducts research with professor Geraldine Cohchran. He is a member the Delta Kappa Epsilon organization.

Jillian Paraiso

Jillian Paraiso attended the University of Miami, and soon transferred to Rutgers University during her first-year. She is majoring in genetics. In summer 2020, Jillian experiences her first taste in scientific research as she begun working on two very different projects: one that relates to genetics and the other to medical technology. In the first research in genetics she aided a hematologist to identify a specific demographic of Asian people are more susceptible to develop liver cancer. The second project involves the adaptation of RAD-AID IR, an interventional radiology LMS learning management system that was built to help teach impoverish countries more about interventional radiology procedures using models and eventually virtual reality. Those projects helped to further instill Jillian's desire to work on the intersectionalities of healthcare fields as it relates to technology. Outside of academics, Jillian is interested n art, music, and exercise; she participates in scuba diving and skiing.

Isaac Perez

Isaac Perez is a Chemical Engineering major. He is an EOF scholar in the School of Engineering. He EOF, he participated in a summer program through which he took summer courses, and is assigned an advisor to help guide him through his academic and career trajectory. Through EOF, he learned the rigor of engineering, which lead him to take his academics very seriously. He completed a Co-op with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, an opportunity he was afforded through EOF as well as the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHE). SHE was integral to Isaac's professional growth by preparing him and offering resources for hiring process. Through LSAMP, Isaac hopes to conduct research and participate in national conferences.

Bermuda Pierre

Bermuda Pierre is majoring in Nutritional Sciences the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Her main goal in life is to help people understand their personal mental health and how to improve it without the stigma around the issues. Regarding extracurricular activities, she is the Cultural Awareness Chair for the Minority Engineering Educational Task (MEET). She is also involved with the Community of Students Involved ‘N’ Education (C.O.S.I.N.E) as the Community Service Chair. At the moment, her goal post Rutgers is to enroll in a M.D/PhD program in order to obtain her medical degree and conduct research on the effects of mental illness and ways to improve mental health.

Carolina Plasencia

Carolina Plasencia is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. She transferred to Rutgers University from Passaic County Community College the Spring of 2020 and shortly thereafter joined the Education Opportunity Fund at Rutgers. During her time at PCCC she was part of the of The Northern New Jersey–Bridges to Baccalaureate (NNJ-B2B) program, and with their help she participated in two different summer research opportunities. The summer of 2018 she worked with Dr. Gilley, from William Paterson University where she focused on identifying which compounds of the Waggle Dance Pheromone cause the waggle dance on honeybees. Moreover, she worked with Dr. Snyder from William Paterson University the summer of 2019 where they used structure and contact map predictions software to predict hydrophobic surfaces, solvation energy and protein flexibility. Carolina’s experience in both laboratories helped her understand the importance of teamwork, exposed her to material that is relevant to her classes, and reassured her that choosing to work in a laboratory in the future is a great choice for her.

Daniel Ramirez

Daniel Leana Ramirez is currently pursuing a B.A. in computer science. A graduate from County College of Morris he hopes to have a position as a software engineer at Givaudan, the company he interned his freshman year of college and held a position as an engineer his sophomore year. After graduation he hopes to help children in low income areas by offering those interested free software development classes, so that they too can pursue a degree in computer science.

Inguy Razouk

Ingy Razouk is majoring in Biomedical Engineering within the Rutgers School of Engineering. She is proud to be a part of the LSAMP Program. During her freshman and sophomore year, she conducted research though Dr. Olabisi’s Tissue Engineering CURE Lab, in which she worked towards a consistent method to form PEGDA hydrogel microcapsules. She is passionate about new research, through seeking new methods to assist with product development, safety, and quality. At Rutgers, she is an active member within Theta Tau, a Co-ed Professional Engineering Fraternity, Engineering Governing Council, and the Society of Women Engineers. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, watching new shows, and spending time with her family and friends. She wants to thank LSAMP for giving her the opportunity to expand her professional and academic skills. Ingy looks forward to new opportunities that lie ahead and to meeting other students and faculty within the program.

Jayana Richardson

Jayana Richardson is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences majoring in Biochemistry with a concentration in Biochemical Toxicology and a minor in Public Health. During 2021-2022, she will be working as a research assistant in Dr. George Carman’s lab in the Department of Food Science, researching membrane lipid metabolism pathways and their associated disorders. After completing her Bachelor’s degree, she hopes to obtain a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, which will allow her to pursue a career as a research scientist. In her free time, she enjoys reading, making Spotify playlists, and spending time with her friends.

Marlon Rodriguez

Marlon Rodriguez is a child of both immigrant parents, his dad originally from Nicaragua and mom from a small town from El Salvador. he and his sister grew up in Nicaragua, where he attended elementary school, middle school, and high school. During his time in high school, he competed on academic Olympiads, and became HS president. In 2014, he graduated high school, and After High School he attempted to come to the US, however, due to financial burdens he could not reach his goal.In 2016, he attended a local college in Nicaragua where he got the chance to work with this non-profit organization. There, he led one local fundraising and was selected to run a national fundraiser in 2018 with other spectacular experiences such as leading building trips, working on projects for vulnerable communities and shantytowns. In 2018, due to a political crisis and for safety reason, he moved from Nicaragua to Union New Jersey where he attended union county college and recently graduated from. During his time at UCC, he served as VP of Leadership for Phi Theta Kappa, Humane Society Club President, and worked as a math and chemistry tutor. Marlon conducted research on Quantum chemistry at Montclair State University through the B2B Program. He is a transfer student at Rutgers and will complete a major in Chemical engineering.

Randy Sanchez

Randy Roque Sanchez is majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is interested in technology and software. As extracurricular activities, he is a part of the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHE), which is the Rutgers chapter for SHPE, and is the current Activities Chair. He is an Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) scholar. He recently finished an internship with Oracle Corporation as a Software Engineer Intern. Post Rutgers, Randy hopes to work in industry before obtaining a graduate degree (MS or PhD).

Gloria Salas

Gloria Salas is a first-generation college student, majoring in Computer Science and is a rising senior in the class year 2022. She is a Paul Robeson Leadership Institute Scholar, a Douglass woman and served on multiple organizations. She currently is the Secretary of Society of Hispanic Engineers (Rutgers SHPE Chapter). She currently is the Recruitment Officer of Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps (DDCC). She served as Co-President of Douglass-DIMACS Computing Corps and was founder of Girls Who Code College Loops Club. DDCC is now the Rutgers University Chapter of Girls Who Code. She has worked at Digital Classroom Services since her sophomore year, a Peer Success Mentor for Student Support Services and is a member of the Douglass-SAS-DIMACS Computer Science Living-Learning Community. She interned at Picatinny Arsenal as an Engineering Intern and at Northrop Grumman as a Software/Digital Design Engineer Intern. After graduation, Gloria plans on attending graduate school after working for a year or two.

Alaza Ruperti

Alaza Santana Ruperti is a rising senior in the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Genetics. She plans on going to graduate school to receive her master’s degree in Genetic Counseling to become a Prenatal Genetic Counselor. She is a Paul Robeson Scholar as well as the current Sergeant-At-Arms for her fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, which is rooted in volunteerism for the New Brunswick community.

Alexis Serido

Alexis Serido is studying Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design at Rutgers University. Alexis is enrolled in a dual degree program to graduate with her Masters degree in Landscape Architecture in the spring of 2023. Her interest with the landscape started at a very young age as she spent her days hiking state parks with her mother and gardening in the summer. Alexis spent the Summer of 2021 working at Dynamic Engineering, an engineering firm that specializes in commercial and industrial design. She also spent her summer researching the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve for her George H. Cook undergraduate honors thesis.

Chris Shafer

Chris Delgao Shafer is planning to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics in the School of Arts and Sciences. He tutors math at the Community College of Philadelphia in his free time where he majored in both Computer Science and Mathematics before transferring. He has a particular interest in discrete math research including combinatorics and graph theory.

Wen Shao

Wen Shao is majoring in Exercise Science in the School of Arts and Sciences and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. Wen is involved in Douglass Residential College and is a member of Bold Empower, as one of the 25 first-generation women. She explored her passion for research through LSAMP this summer (2020) where she worked on her project of designing a virtual simulation laboratory for high school students focusing on chemical reactions. Wen will be continuing her research with the Graduate School of Education in Fall of 2020 virtually, where she will continue to assist in creating a virtual chemical reaction experiment. She is currently in several associations at Rutgers University including Rutgers Recreation as a work-study office supervisor and Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. Additionally, outside of Rutgers, she is a fellow of America Needs You (ANY) which supports first generation students in professional development and mentoring. Wen plans to pursue a career in physical therapy specializing in women’s health upon graduating in 2022 from Rutgers University.

Sushmita Singh

Sushmita Singh is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She transferred to Rutgers in Fall 2019 from Raritan Valley Community College. She was born in South Africa, moved to England in a young age, and moved to New Jersey after A-Levels (High School). Fun fact about Sushmita, she is left-handed, and she has never met the Queen.

Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith ,better known by his nickname, TJ, is in the School of Arts and Sciences. TJ is majoring in Exercise Science and hopes to attend medical school following his undergraduate studies. He is involved with several clubs at Rutgers and loves to play basketball and binge-watch his favorite shows in his free time. As a member of LSAMP, he is excited for the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in his field of study and connect with like-minded peers.

Keron Smith

Keron Smith is majoring in Chemical Engineering major. A few of Keron’s hobbies include playing sports, cooking and listening to music. He is a member of Toastmasters international and MEET. Currently, he conducts solar cell efficiency research. he leads a team of five undergraduate students, exploring the factors that affect the power output of photovoltaic cells. Keron has previously interned at PQ Corporation as a chemical engineering intern. he was able to gain valuable experience in the manufacturing industry, during his time at the company. His career goals post Rutgers are to gain more experience in the manufacturing industry, pursue a master’s degree in chemical engineering and to establish a company that is focused on finding environmentally friendly solutions to energy production. His personal goal is to be able to assist others in their pursuit of a secondary education through the aid of a scholarship and mentorship.

Wonbi Song

Wonbi Song is majoring in Biological Sciences with a Nutrition minor. She is a member of SAS Honors Program and Douglass Residential College, and plan on going to a medical/graduate school after graduation. She won third place in 2020 HOSA International and National Leadership Conferences Nutrition section and worked as a Peer Leader Mentor under Career Exploration and Success Department to assist first-year students with smooth transition into college.

Prasiddha Sudhakar

Prasiddha Sudhakar is in the School of Arts and Sciences, double majoring in Computer Science and Economics. She is passionate about the intersections between technology and international economic development, with an emphasis on education policy and bridging the digital divide. Born in the U.S. and coming from an Indian Tamil background, Prasiddha has lived in 6 different countries before returning to the U.S. for college. Having international exposure has sparked her passion for technology, economics, and geopolitics. In addition to being an LSAMP Scholar, Prasiddha is also a Civic Digital Fellow at Coding it Forward, Rewriting the Code Fellow, and a PLEN Women in STEM Policy Scholarship recipient. Over the last summer, Prasiddha was a Software Engineering Intern at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, working in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). While at CMS, she built a web application in an effort to better serve hospitals across the country and display relevant information for healthcare providers. In the past, she has interned at Take-Pause, a VR startup aimed to decrease anxiety in pediatrics. On campus, Prasiddha is a committed leader both inside and outside of academics. She is the current External President of the Rutgers Hindu Students Council, Research Assistant at the Rutgers SEBS and has served as an Assistant Director in the Institute of Domestic and International Affairs. Additionally, Prasiddha has spend countless hours in the tech space by mentoring women in STEM through the Rewriting the Code program.

Stephanie Tavarez

Stephanie Tavarez is a returning transfer student. After taking Intro to Microbiology at PCCC with Professor E. Foote, she became inspired to major in microbiology. She is interested in research on viruses, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and evolution. She has conducted research concerning antibiotic-resistant in Micrococcus Luteus under the supervision of her mentor, Dr. Foote.

Fabiola Vega

Fabiola Vega is Peruvian-American, and a first generation student. She is majoring in Chemical Engineering. Her research interests include food chemistry, microbial biotechnology analysis and control of microbial systems. She is passionate about research and plans to use her scientific knowledge for a greater good.

Henry Velasquez

Henry Velasquez is majoring in biotechnology major with an interest in life-extension. Some of Henry’s extracurricular activities are swimming, meditating, and trying to make people happy! He is also a McNair Scholar and conducted Environmental Microbiology research in the 2020 McNair Summer Institute. After Rutgers, he plans on obtaining a PhD in Molecular Genetics/Molecular Biology with a concentration in life-extension so that we can all live happier, healthier, longer lives!

DeMonet Wooten

DeMonet Wooten is in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, majoring in Biological Sciences.After completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to continue her education by attaining a Masters in Stem Cell Biology.

Not Pictured

Heba Abdelaal


Hadir Abdelaal


Saad Aftab

Saad Aftab is in the School of Engineering majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and math. He began his interest in engineering with robotics where he learned mechanical engineering, wiring and electrical skills, and thought himself many programming languages. He is certified in NX which is a high powered CAD software. He is always excited and eager to learn new things.

Bahaa Alasmar


Samirah Alauddin

Animal Science

Gabriela Ale


Muhammad Ali

Chemical Engineering

Ernesto Heras Arevalo

Computer Engineering

Audrey Asare


Eschanea Bartolo-Hernandez


Sylvester Boateng

Sylvester Boateng is in the School of Art and Sciences majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Critical Intelligence – Cyber Security. He's interested in data science, more specifically becoming an operational analyst. He's also in the EOF scholar program. Sylvester has been an intern at institute for advance study (Princeton, NJ) for over year now. Through LSAMP, he would love to gain more research experience as he plans to obtain a masters in Data analytics and/or Marketing Analytics and hopefully a PhD afterwards.

May Chan


Jia Chen

Environmental and Business Economics

Janet Cumbe-Collaguazo

Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources

Sydney Davis


David Hernandez

Exercise Science

Ridda Insar

Environmental and Business Economics

Evanna Jaramillo

Ecology, Environmental, and Natural Resources

Luisa Jimenez

Animal Science

Karsten Johnson

Karsten Johnson is in the School of Engineering pursuing a major in Chemical Engineering. He is interested in the fields of food science, drugs and pharmaceuticals, as well as cosmetics. He is interested in research that focuses on improving the taste and quality of food to better nourish the human body. When he is not studying, some of his favorite activities include playing sports, cooking, and listening to music.

Nyasia Lawson


Tien Le

Environmental and Business Economics

Wing Li

Exercise Science

Mounssif Mahin

Exercise Science

Alejandra Martinez

Ecology,Environmental, and Natural Resources

Martina Meawad

Industrial Engineering

Beltide Mensah

Beltide Mensah is a Biological Sciences major and a Health and Society minor. She decided to attend Rutgers University after a visit at one of their genetic labs on Busch campus during admitted-students day. This experience was Beltide's first time entering a real laboratory. There she had the opportunity to speak with some of the undergraduate research students. This experience swayed Beltide's interest in STEM. Through LSAMP, Beltide looks forward to conducting research and connect with students and peers with similar interest.

Derek Merino


Marcellus Murray

Marcellus Murray is a SEBS student majoring in Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resource Management with a minor in Sustainability. On campus he works for the Department of Recreation and is part of the Rutgers Salsa, wrestling and jiu jitsu clubs. Additionally he works as an intern in a University lab tasked with identifying and cataloging New Jersey’s over 400 native bee species and is in the process of completing an honors thesis focusing on the population dynamics of New Jerseys pollinator species. He plans to go onwards to graduate school for Ecology in order to pursue a career in research.

Phuong Nguyen

Marine Sciences

Alexander Ojeda


Jacob Oluwaloba


Camilo Orozco

Environmental and Business Economics

Dhrutikumari Patel

Exercise Science

Alyssa Perez


Rofiat Raheem

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Joe Ramirez


Leslie Sarabia-Ramirez


Naajia Shakir

Environmental Policy, Institution, and Behavior

Cheyenne Smith


Blanca Soto-Gomez

Exercise Science

Ralphael Tencza

Animal Science

Je T'aime Thompson

Civil Engineering

Roy Tsafack

Electrical Engineering

Pablo Vera

Pablo Cueva Vera is from Elizabeth, NJ. He is an Aerospace Engineering major with a minor in Mathematics. He recently transferred from the School of Arts of Sciences into the School of Engineering after realizing becoming an engineering would be a fulfilling career path. His interested lie in astronomy and space exploration, and hopes to gain opportunities that would allow him to further deepen these passions. He is a member of the Packaging Engineering club and enjoys his free time engaging in sports as well as volunteering. In addition, he occasionally tutors in both mathematics and Spanish, helping other Rutgers student who may be struggling to succeed in these subjects.

Alejandro Lopez Villanuava

Alejandro Lopez Villanuava is from Havanna, Cuba. He attended Hudson County Community College and obtained an Associate degree in Physics. At Rutgers, he is in the School of Arts and Sciences majoring in Physics. His areas of interest include statistical physics, non-linear dynamics in fluids and gasses, and data science.

Jayda Watson

Animal Science